Consultancy & Review

We've never met a project or a team that we couldn't help. Broad experience in both technical and organisational roles helps us to spot where issues are technical, product, or team-related, and to make pragmatic recommendations to help you move forward.

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Code and design review

We can conduct either focused reviews on specific problem areas that are blocking your team’s work, or broader reviews across a codebase. We think opinions should be backed by measurements, so we capture software metrics and quality checks, and visualisations of code structure to help focus on the challenge areas.

We can help also with reviewing design models in the earlier stages of development, whether this is purely model based, or also with work-in-progress code.

Team organisation and workflow

We’ve helped build many great software development teams, and helped many other teams to work more effectively. We can coach and advise teams and managers taking their first steps towards greater agility, both with technical practices, and overall team organisation.

We’re all about pragmatic, real-world development, and we understand the unique technical and organisational constraints that tend to exist around embedded development. We’re not out to sell you a process or methodology, but to make practical improvements with measurable benefits.

Design and architecture

If you’re starting out on a new development, especially based on an RTOS, we can help with shaping design direction and modular software architecture.

We use a mix of UML models to illustrate indicative patterns of implementation, as well as less formal models (such as C4), which is better suited to collaborative whiteboard design.

And the rest…

If there’s anything you need but don’t see here, don’t hesitate to call. We’re happy to spend time exploring and shaping something that’ll help you, without any commercial commitment or obligation. We like having these conversations with like-minded folks. At a minimum we’ll be able to offer free, friendly advice based on our own experiences.

We’re well-connected too, and if we think that another company or consultant is better placed to help you, we’ll be happy to make suggestions.

Contact Us

You can reach us via email or phone, and we're always happy to meet in person to talk through any ideas or requirements you have:

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