Training Workshops

Adopting TDD and continuous integration for embedded needs a bootstrap for most teams. We have a standard 2-day TDD and Continuous Integration workshop that we can extend and customise to the needs of your team.

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Embedded TDD workshop

We run a workshop for embedded systems, on a unique hardware platform. The “Washing Machine” is a code kata specifically for embedded systems.

Our hardware platform gives a realistic programming and design challenge to learn, practice and improve TDD skills, backed by an industrial-strength CI build pipeline.

We can customise the standard format to emphasise areas that you need to focus on, or add additional days to give more in-depth coverage on specifics.

Drop us a line with any requirements you have, and we’ll be happy to outline something that’ll fit your needs.

Other workshops

If you’re working on adopting TDD for a C++ codebase, we can help with workshops on:

  • Test-Driven Development for modern C++

  • Behaviour-Driven development for modern C++ with Robot Framework and Pybind11.

  • Continuous Integration for C++ with Jenkins and Docker

Contact Us

You can reach us via email or phone, and we're always happy to meet in person to talk through any ideas or requirements you have:

Unit 8
Fairways Business Park
EH54 8GA

+ 44 (0)1506 343015

Alternatively, connect with us on LinkedIn or Twitter to stay up to date with news and events.